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All Varsity, JV and 14U HEAD coaches are required to be US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified. WSLA recommends this for all coaches at all levels.  For the 2021 season, the in person clinics are virtual and are coaching theory based rather than practical. NEW coaches can elect (for the 2021 season only) to forgo the virtual "Athlete Centered Coaching Workshop" but complete the rest of the Level 1 certification requirements (making up the in-person class when those resume).  Below is a curated list of resources that may be more effective for NEW coaches than the theory based workshop.

First steps:


o   Complete your background check:  Adult coach members who have not completed the national background screening can do so by using the My Account feature on uslacrosse.org.  Before you begin, make sure you have the following things on-hand: government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.); list of addresses lived over the past five years; and your social security number.     Then follow these steps:
   • Login to My Account on www.USLacrosse.org   
   • The background screening link can be accessed in two ways. 1) Scroll down your My Account home screen and click the link on the left-hand side under Background Check Status; 2) Click the red menu button in the top left corner of your screen and select Background Check.


o   Complete the Abuse Prevention Systems training:  The online training can be accessed by logging into your US Lacrosse E-Learning account (https://www.uslacrosse.org/learning).   Upon login, follow these steps:

·       Select the search feature icon in the upper right side of the screen and search "Abuse Prevention Systems"

·       Scroll to the course thumbnail and choose "Enroll" then "Start."


o   Online courses available free to all members @uslacrosse.org.   Login with your membership info and navigate to E-learning (top left menu options).

Level 1:  Developing the Individual Athlete (take it for the game you’re coaching – boys or girls)

PCA Double Goal Coach 1: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons  (revised in 2020)


o   Coaching Resources page: https://www.uslacrosse.org/coaches/coaching-resources

o   Effective Coach series on How to Teach the Basics: https://vimeo.com/showcase/7347393


Next steps:


o   Cultural Competency training (online course available in E-learning)

o   The Great Ball Game (a “must watch” video on the sport’s origin story): https://youtu.be/jFGE4-6Xx-A

o   Safe and Legal Defense in the Women’s game (online course available in E-learning)     


o   How to Make Proper Contact (boys game coaches – online course available in E-learning)



FAQs on Background screening:  https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/background-screening-faq

FAQs on Abuse Prevention training:  https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/online-training-faq