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US Lacrosse All-American Information

Washington USL Area Chair: Suzanne Replinger ( )

Players must be nominated by their coaches for each of these All American honors -- all nominations for the All American Awards are due by Friday, May 6, 2022  - no exceptions as this is a USA Lacrosse award.


Important Dates:

May 16 (approx)- Coach Voting materials will be sent out

June 6 - Deadline for Coach voting

July 1 - Winners announced by USA Lacrosse

 General Information  (important info on criteria for nominations)
 All-America Handbook

Important Notes:

  • Nominations must be done using the USA Lacrosse nomination form (no exceptions)
  • Only one player per program may be nominated for the Jackie Pitts award
  • Per USA Lacrosse, players MUST have participated in a minimum of 8 games in order to be eligible for All-American honors


ALL-AMERICAN - 7 players from WA will be recognized

All-Americans are the best players from their area. They exhibit superior skills and techniques, possess exceptional game sense and knowledge, and embody good sportsmanship.

Eligibility for Final Nomination

  • Players must be members of their varsity lacrosse team or approved scholastic club program.
  • Players must have played in majority of their teams’ games for the current season.
  • Players must be significant contributors to their team.
  • Players must be of outstanding character and be in good academic standing in their school
  • Any player that has received a diploma from a secondary school will not be eligible for All -American status during post-graduate study
  • While not required, strong consideration is given for players who have received All-State, All-County, or All-District Team in current or previous seasons.
  • Sportsmanship and safe play are attributes that must be considered. In this regard, an account of the number of cards (Women’s Game) or Unsportsmanlike fouls (Men’s Game) attained by a player in the current season should be considered during nomination and voting. If a player has a substantial amount of cards or unsportsmanlike fouls, it is recommended that the Chair request testimony from the nominating coach as to how the player’s fouls are not lessening of their sportsmanship.

ALL-ACADEMIC - 7 players from WA will be recognized

A USA Lacrosse All-Academic Player is one who exhibits exemplary lacrosse skills, good sportsmanship on the field, and represents high standards of academic achievement in the classroom.

Criteria/Eligibility Guidelines:(Must meet ALL of the following)

  • A High School All-Academic Form for the player must be completed and submitted to the Recognition Chair through the online submission process.
  • Players must be a junior or senior.
  • Players must have played in majority of their teams’ games for the current season
  • Player must be a starter or significant contributor to their team
  • Players should have left their mark beyond the lacrosse field and classroom by making significant contributions of service to the school and/or community.
  • Player has minimum cumulative (freshman year through application deadline) grade point average 3.7 GPA out of a 4.0 academic scale. If in doubt, please ask the school guidance counselor for assistance determining acceptable GPAs for a 5.0 scale or weighted GPA
  • Applications must include a signature from their schools Guidance Counselor and include information on any significant community service that was completed
  • A player who violates their school or a programs written contract or code of conduct may be excluded from consideration. Any and all violations must be noted on the player’s final nomination form.
  • Any player that has received a diploma from a secondary school will notbe eligible for All -Academic status during post-graduate study.

USL Jackie Pitts Award - 1 player from WA, must be a senior

This award recognizes a senior player in our league who truly honors the game of lacrosse, is invested in the development of the game in her community, is an exceptional player who continually strives to improve her game, and is an exemplary member of her team.   She exemplifies the spirit of the game, on and off the field.  Academically, she is an outstanding student and a valued role model in her school.    

Note that HS transcripts must be included with the nomination -- the most recent transcript available is acceptable.  Also include a letter of recommendation referencing player's years of lacrosse involvement and their contributions to the game, school, and community, as well as the athlete’s commitment to personal development within the game. (see the nomination form)