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  • The 16-team Varsity playoffs will consist of the following: 
    • The top team in each conference (based on total points earned in conference games) will automatically make the playoffs. There are seven conferences, so seven teams will make the playoffs as the conference winners. 
    • The remaining 9 teams will be identified using the Power Rankings (i.e., the top 9 teams in the computer ranking that did not already make the playoffs by winning their conference will make the playoffs). 
  • Seeding for playoffs will be determined using the LaxPower computer rankings. The higher-seeded team in each match-up will host. 
  • Eastern conference will be seeded 16.

May 9/10:  First round of playoffs
May 12/13:  Second round of playoffs
May 17:  Semi-finals @ Starfire Sports
May 20:  Championship game @ Starfire Sports