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Hall of Fame Washington Chapter


Class of 2006                          Class of 2008                           Class of 2010                     Class of 2013
Hugh Barber                            Tony Olney                              Mark Larson                       Jamie Asaka
Matt Cone                                Susan Haviland                       Janet Lennon-Jones           Brandon Fortier
Tim House                               Vernon A. Smith                       Lorrie McKay                      Dave Low
Lynn Hyde                                Rob Hawley                             Harry Ostrander                 Maggie O'Sullivan
Leslie Monteith Loper               Samuel "Trip" Goodall             Charley Rosenberry           Steph Terrien
Lisa Methfessel-Patton                                                             Tami Tommila                    Todd  Thorpe
Gail Shelton
Everet "Smitty" Smith Sr.
Kris Snider
Eddie Travers
Laurie Usher
Jeanette Wake
Val Torrens
Dejon Hush
Greg Maestretti
Jeff Roberts

Please click on the Class year to read about our Hall of Fame Honorees or visit our Washington State Chapter of US Lacrosse. The Washington Hall of Fame is meant to honor those people who have made extraordinary contributions to Washington Lacrosse as Players, Coaches, Officials or Supporters of the Game.  We sincerely appreciate them for all they've done and continue to do. 

More info on the Hall of Fame can be found on the Chapter site HERE.