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2021 List of HS Varsity Coaches and Scheduling Contacts

2021 List of HS JV Coaches and Scheduling Contacts

HS Game Varsity and JV Game Changes are DUE 4/1/2021

  • Once details are completely arranged between the 2 teams, scheduling contact from HOME TEAM will email WSLA scheduler, Allison Estes, scheduler@wslax.org with game change in the following format:
    • CC: Opponent coach
    • Current Game as Scheduled include home team, away team, date, time, and location of game
    • New Game Change include home team, away team, date, time and location for the corrected game.
  • There will be no in-season schedule changes this year because of the shortened season. The only thing that can be changed in season will be minor time changes or field changes.  NO date changes after 4/1/2021.