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WSLA All State and All Conference

Team Selection



All Conference Award Process

·      Recognize 14 players per conference - 1 goalie, 3 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 attack players and two from any position (84 players total.)

·      Top players recognized after each game.

–      Both Home and Visiting head coach will vote separately online

–      Vote for best opposing Attack, Midfield and Defense player and best Goalie of the game.  Not required to vote for each position.

–      Voting must be done within 24 hours after each game

–      This process only works if ALL coaches participate in this voting process – coaches that consistently do NOT vote risk appropriate selection of players (including their own) on the final teams at end of season.  Voting participation will be monitored by WSLA staff during the season.

·      WSLA will provide a list of top players selected, player stats and cards for the season.

·      Coaches will be emailed an online All-Conference voting form

·      Players recognized during the State Championship Game.

All State Award Process

·       Recognize 18 players

·       Based upon All Conference team players and post season play

·       State Champion head coach will moderate a selection committee comprised of all of the conference winning head coaches,semi-final coaches,  and a member of the WSLA board or ED (this call will happen on Wed May 24, 2023 at 6:00pm).

·       18 players selected – 1 goalie, 4 defenders,  7 midfielders, 4 attack players and 2 players who may be from any position.

·       All State Players will be announced within 10 days after the Championship game

·       All-Conference and All-State selections will be based upon player game nominations, individual stats, cards and other criteria.

·       Player awards are intended to reflect the best players in the state and may or may not reflect proportionally across all conferences.